Individual Executive Coaching

Tara provides one-on-one brain-based coaching for top business leaders helping them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance.

Many high-achieving and high-profile people already employ nutritionists, coaches and personal trainers to support their life and work goals. Tara uses an integrated approach to build on these basics, helping her clients achieve much more by focusing on the brain-body connection than they do focusing on each strand in isolation. Tara’s coaching produces transformational results, improving her client’s ability to manage stress, regulate emotions and retain information.

Tara’s programmes are tailored to suit individual needs and she works closely with each client to ensure she understands their objectives and priorities. Each session results in tangible benefits including science-backed tips that can be implemented to overcome obstacles and improve day to day life and future goals.

Sessions can be delivered via phone, skype or face-to-face. The results speak for themselves, but they can also be measured over time through testing of key physical indicators that indicate stress. Previous clients have testified to the impact not only on their performance but also on the bottom line.

Another subject Tara coaches on is imposter syndrome – click here to view her blog on the subject.

Tara Swart


I have to admit being somewhat skeptical when first introduced to Tara, however, over the months, I’ve seen just how effective she can be. Her coaching is a very clever process which produces results. Michael Balfour, Founder of Fitness First