Tara speaks at global conferences, blue chip organisations, and the top business schools across the world.


One-on-one brain-based coaching for individuals, consistently producing transformational results and sustainable behaviour change.


Tara offers a series of bespoke workshops to businesses, with the aim of building relationships between senior stakeholders.


Working with teams at some of the world’s leading companies, providing tailored programmes that help teams to understand how to get their best out of their brains.

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Tara spoke to a group of Google managers about the science of how stress works on the body and in teams. She drew on various disciplines with great expertise, delivering an insightful and practical talk... her presentation style is absolutely accessible, entertaining and elegantly understated.
— Saibh Hooper, Google


Tara regularly speaks at global conferences, blue chip organisations and top business schools. Previous talks include: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, TEDxSãoPaulo, TEDxLSE, Financial Times and Sky conference on Neuroscience in Sports and Business, Leaders in Sport Summit in London and at Massachusetts Institute for Technology, where she is a Senior Lecturer.

Tara works closely with her clients to ensure that her speeches are relevant, thought provoking and produce tangible results. Because of the far-reaching benefits of neuroscience, Tara’s speeches are relevant for all businesses, industries and audiences.

Her specialist subjects include:

  • Neuroscience for leadership (resilience, diversity of thinking, culture for success, mindsets and mindfulness)

  • Leading sustainable performance (focuses on the neuroendocrinology of stress and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being)

  • Your brain on money (the neuroscience of financial risk-taking and decision-making)

  • Technology and the future of the brain and business (the science behind how technology impacts your brain, and how to maximise the opportunities and mitigate the risks).

Tara’s talk was thought provoking, engaging and witty. It generated a lot of discussion in the room and after the conference. Tara’s talk went down so well with a critical audience, due to the scientific rigour that underpinned the content, the fact that the subject matter was relevant to all of us, and the quality of the delivery.
— Fiona Logan, Aon Benfield


Tara provides one-on-one brain-based coaching for top business leaders helping them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance.

Many high-achieving and high-profile people already employ nutritionists, coaches and personal trainers to support their life and work goals. Tara uses an integrated approach to build on these basics, helping her clients achieve much more by focusing on the brain-body connection than they do focusing on each strand in isolation. Tara’s coaching produces transformational results, improving her client’s ability to manage stress, regulate emotions and retain information.

Tara’s programmes are tailored to suit individual needs and she works closely with each client to ensure she understands their objectives and priorities. Each session results in tangible benefits including science-backed tips that can be implemented to overcome obstacles and improve day to day life and future goals. Sessions can be delivered via phone, video call, or face-to-face. The results speak for themselves, but they can also be measured over time through testing of key physical indicators that indicate stress. Previous clients testify to the impact not only on their performance, but also on the bottom line.

Tara also coaches on Imposter Syndrome – read more here



For smaller groups, Tara offers bespoke workshops. These can either be stand alone or part of a series, depending on business need. Each workshop lasts a full day and includes an overview of applied neuroscience theory followed by team coaching exercises. Tara’s workshops support teams to build relationships with specific groups within an organisations either inter or cross team. Tara’s approach includes listening, coaching, creating trust and raising awareness about different dynamics and behaviours.

Tara created immediate trust and rapport with our top leaders, with a high level of energy, open challenge with the group, to really get them thinking in a different way about how they operate on a daily basis.
— Sam King, Standard Chartered Bank


Tara works with teams at some of the world’s leading companies, providing tailored programmes that help teams to understand how to get their best out of their brains, to assess their mental resilience, and give individual as well as team feedback. In today’s business environment, it is imperative for business leaders to create a lasting environment in which creativity, meaning and purpose can thrive. Building team mental resilience is key to this and enables businesses to develop a happy, healthy and productive workforce. These are the teams that perform at their peak during times of stress and uncertainty.

When working with a team, Tara studies individual and team data such as hormone levels, food and drinking habits, heart rate and brain profiles. This enables Tara to tailor programmes which help teams understand how their individual brains can best work together and how to adapt habits accordingly.