Team Mental Resilience

In today’s business environment, it is imperative for business leaders to create a lasting environment in which creativity, meaning and purpose can thrive. Building team mental resilience is key to this and enables businesses to develop a happy, healthy and productive workforce. These are the teams that perform at their peak during times of stress and uncertainty.

Tara works with teams at some of the world’s leading companies to assess their mental resilience and give individual as well as team feedback. When working with a team, Tara studies individual and team data such as hormone levels, food and drinking habits, heart rate and brain profiles.  This enables Tara to tailor programmes which help teams understand how their individual brains can best work together and how to adapt habits accordingly.


Tara’s workshops are fantastic and thought- provoking. I can still remember what she talked about - impressive as most management chat goes in one ear and out of the other. Tara would enhance any Leadership programme. - Tom Hinton, Centrica Energy